Sunday, July 10, 2005

last post

This will be my last post:(
and im going to leave you all with a question to ponder on and when you read it you think of me.

Have you ever been controlled by a demon? you feel you dont like it, you want to go the other way but you going the opposite. i want my life back! i wanna go back to child hood and start all over again.

bye bye all and wish you all the best of life.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Sleeping pills

I am really tired and couldnt sleep. So i've taken some sleeping pills around 3:44am,Tuesday, 2005, so if i wont show up dont worry im not dead. im just deep in sleep and dont wake me up or i'll get very very mad:) see you when i wake up.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy July4th to all. Party safely and enjoy the fireworks and bbqs. Happy 229bday! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 02, 2005

oh yeah another beautiful picture. i like to be here always when the sun is about to set. Posted by Picasa

Support The Troops

Have time and wants to say thanks to the USA Troops? Hat Tips to Esther. Click here to send your support to the Troops. Thanks very much.
Happy July 4th Weekend To All. Party Safely:)

Thursday, June 30, 2005

To all readers of this blog

hey im just trying something here so dont worry the posts are not deleted. im just playing around with this see what happen. Everything should be up soon ok everyone. lol you can still comments on here.


"Fucking bullshit.Thats what I think about things like ethics and morality. Unquantifiable abstracts that are the weights on the teetering scale of civilization. Why should someone give a rat fuck about morals if the morals here are not the morals of, say, Russia? If they're so easily a personal thing, why should someone fucking care about it?Now here comes the real question.Doing my best Sam Spade impersonation, I tracked down that missing IPod. It was in the wrong department - the secretary has been out all week. Now what made me not steal it? It would've been so easy to just walk off with it, shove it in my car and go. But I didn't. I called my boss and we took it to the proper person and had him sign off on it. But I could've gotten a free IPod with my department picking up the tab. And I didnt because..." said by lehah

and heres are the comments:

"god knows why. i might be a good and moral person. but i'm also a thief if opportunity presents itself and i'm say disgruntled enough with my job.. *hums as he loads more music onto his Creative Zen that Brookstone happens to carry* " commented by pixlz

" Because you're a fucking pussy. " commented by lunitari

"It's bullshit all right. People who talk about "morals" the loudest are usually hypocrites of the highest order.But anyway, loved your WoTW review. Fantastic, and not just because you quoted me :) " commented by Josteinh

And heres my comments and im afraid i have to disagree with all of you. It is morals that make this world a much safer and better place to live. for example, it was morals that safe that Utah boy who was lost in the Utah mountians for days. He was found by a man who if he doesnt have any morals hmm go figure what could have happened to that boy. instead, he did the right thing and called for help and the boy was safe and sound with his parents and love ones.

One day its going to happen to might lose something precious or in need of help very much and you want people with morals to help you out. yeah, i know, you think its not going to happen to you right? And if its going to happen to you, you are strong enough to handle it without help. hmm..ok..whatever?
Seeing the opportunities and pick to do the moral thing is not being a pussy but rather heroic and noble because its never easy to say no. what you think people?

REAd this my readers and friends and special friend:)

This post from a blog i visited many times since late may and june. The posts and comments since have been deleted and just a few new ones are up now and this is a new one all dedicated to me. i have to tell you i never say anything bad or rude to this person. its very funny how people can be such a bitch and insecure about themselves to be like this. if you have time and you care you may read and say what you think about all these if not is ok . i just wanna post it up cuz its really funny to me. by the way all comments on that blog are restricted so i say nothing there. if you visit here and you have seen this post else where you are welcome to comments thanks for stopping by.
So below is whats on that blog about me and i qoute hehe.
Remember all these are said after all comments and posts taken off. we must ask ourselves why take the comments off and then qoute me? why take all your posts off and then say im the bad person? i didnt say anthing bad or do anything wrong so i dont see the problem. you dont have to waste your time reading it cuz its childish so read only if you have too much time on your hands lol. here we go now.hehe

"I want to explain the blog below for my regular readers. If you read my birthday blog you'll see some of Jason's comments."Jason" has been coming here since the beginning of June. He tends to go back a few posts and make comments so I think none of you have been seeing them. Since he began commenting here I've been annoyed. It's an anonymous person, with no blog, who makes statements like they know me. And statements that piss me off. I asked "Jason" once where he lives and there was some irritation on his end.If you are reading here as much as he is, and you know this much about my life, do I not have the right to ask about yours? A state, an email address..something. It's just etiquette I think. Now I have a lot of people come here that don't comment. I don't understand that, and I would love to hear from you. I'm not mean. I've never ever gotten upset at anyone else like this. Why? Because no one else has commented and pissed me off the way that this person does. Just the amount that he comes here, and goes to my friend's blogs, pisses me off. I know he's been reading Marianna's blog often, reads comments, but never leaves one. He's been reading and I noticed tonight commenting on Bird Woman's blog. In one comment he claims he only stops by every so often after I confronted him for spending the day here. After that he started entering here from blogs that have me linked there. He's here daily, for hours and hours, reading every single back entry that I've written. And his birthday comment pissed me off. And so have others.I realize I'm inappropriate. I talk about things like my vagina, and a trip to a porn shop, etc. This doesn't mean that I'm not a lady, this doesn't make me a whore. Believe me, being who I am, and the way I am, often in my life I've had to be blunt with men and tell them where to go and how to get there. If I met you in person and you were male, do you really think I'd just, "Hi my name is Angela, and my vagina is She-ra." Hell no!!! In real life you're gonna get about 25% Cheeky. On my blog, I'm gonna say you get 80% Cheeky. But sometimes if I'm out with a friend, making jokes, being me, a man will hear me speak and think it's an open invitation to be a big giant asshole. And I let whoever this person is know, polite but firm, that I'm not to be spoken to this way. But if I have to get ghetto I will. It's just respect. I have respect for others. Often I've debated whether or not I should blog something, but in the end this is my space for me.I responded to "Jason" one day like I usually do when someone ticks me off, I tell them I've got killer Matrix moves, I lift weights, and I drink milk. The Mootrix! Jason...well Jason decided to respond with:Jason said...Thats ok its not unusual. lots of people start to mature at 40plus:)lol about matrix moves. now that is unusual and a little scary, i agree:)But hey whatever get your thing pumping up is ok i guess:) Milk does the body good. have you try the sweet sticky type? it should be available in the store near you.I don't like this. It's not funny. Again, no profile, no blog, nothing saying who he is. We're not familiar. One day he just started coming here and commenting. So again "Jason" either stop reading here, or you get yourself a profile. I know this is a public blog, I'm not stupid. But out of courtesy if you read, you should comment, and when you comment if you know me, say so. I could give a flying fuck if my "family" or anyone finds this blog, I've got nothing to hide. But you better damn well say so. And if you don't know me, do not speak to me as if we're familiar. It pisses me off. "Jason" asks a lot of questions of me, believing even though he won't answer mine, I should answer his. The other day he got a little annoyed when I wouldn't say whether or not I like Rush Limbaugh, because he won't even tell me where he lives. He's even asked me how my "family" feels that I've posted photo's of them. Perhaps that's your beef with me? Like I said, if that's the case then it's just something I like to call balls. Grow some. Either way it still boils right down to fuck off. You're not someone that has a right to this much of me. For the people that read here all the time and don't comment, I'd really like it if you did. But if you don't want to, I'm not going to get pissy about it. But if you're going to start asking me questions, especially if I like how sperm tastes, you better damn well answer my questions. Or we'll just have to play Jason Watch and start posting your IP address every day, and how often you come.

I told you in my make yourself a profile, you give me an email address. Or we're going to make this a daily event.For the past few weeks you spend a great deal of your day on my blog. I don't know why I'm so interesting to you but it's disturbing how often you come, and your comments are not harmless. So we'll just start making this a daily blogging event until you go the fuck away. You are also going to my friends blogs, just reading comments to see what I write.So either you're someone that knows me, so in that case quit being a pussy, grow some balls and say what your problem is with me. Or you're clearly lacking a life, and I suggest you find yourself some hobbies. This is MY blog, my space, and I'm not going to have someone who is illiterate and lacks opposable thumbs sitting here all fucking day long reading me.P.S. I know you have a hard time comprehending, so basically FUCK OFF.

A visit from earlier today:
Host Name
IP Address
Country United States
Region TexasCity San Antonio
ISP Uunet Technologies Inc
Returning Visits 3Visit Length 5 hours 8 mins 6 secs
Browser Firefox 1.0.4
Operating System Windows XP
Resolution 1024x768
Javascript Enabled
Navigation Path
Date Time Web Page 29th June 2005 14:50:51 2005 17:31:59

The IP address you're currently using:
Host Name
IP Address
Country United States
Region North Carolina
City Salisbury
ISP Uunet Technologies Inc
Returning Visits 4
Visit Length 10 mins 17 secs
Browser Firefox 1.0.4
Operating System Windows XP
Resolution 1024x768
Javascript Enabled
Navigation Path
Date Time WebPage 29th June 2005 20:07:58

Host Name
IP Address
Country United States
Region Michigan City -ISP Uunet Technologies Inc
Returning Visits 3Visit Length 1 min 20 secs
Browser Firefox 1.0.4
Operating System Windows XP
Resolution 1024x768
Javascript Enabled
Navigation Path
Date Time WebPage 28th June 2005 02:25:57

So Jason, who are you? Ever since I told you in a post that is not deleted but hidden, that I can see how often you come, you've been only entering through other blogs. Why? I still know you spend your days here. Really, I'm just not that interesting. So let's lay it out Jason. Why not? Why are you coming here? I also know that your blogger profile number is 8929178. I guess I can take some of your more inappropriate comments and send them along and see what they can do about this.Until then we'll just make this our daily routine. You sit there and read me, and I'll publish it. Ok?"

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Isnt she hot?YES SHE IS and SHE'S MINE!

Last night babe was unbelievable lol..took this picture right after all the very sexy baby.kathi you look so good. A picture of my baby Kathi. You dont have permission to copy or save or do anthing with picture. Posted by Hello

love you babe


Whatever you do on this site, DO NOT, ever click on the clock! It will explode and the whole world will come to an end!

Usefull info. if you like?

Memorize These:

Keyboard ShortcutResult in Windows ® XP - General

CTRL and A
Selects all the items in the active window.
CTRL and C
Copies the item or items to the Clipboard
and can be pasted using CTRL and V.
CTRL and F
Displays the Find all files dialog box.
CTRL and G
Displays the Go to folder dialog box.
CTRL and N Displays the New dialog box.
CTRL and O Displays the Open dialog box.
CTRL and P Displays the Print dialog box.
CTRL and S Displays the Save dialog box.
CTRL and V Pastes the copied item or items from the Clipboard.
CTRL and X Cuts the item or items selected to the Clipboard.
CTRL and Z Undoes the last action.
CTRL and F4 Closes the active document window.
CTRL while dragging an item Copy the selected item
CTRL+SHIFT with arrow keys Highlight a block of text
CTRL+F4 Close the active document
CTRL+ESC Display the Start menu
CTRL and F6 Opens the next document window in the active application.

Keyboard ShortcutResult in Windows ® XP - General

ALT+ENTER View the properties for the selected item
ALT+F4 Close the active item, or quit the active program
ALT+SPACEBAR Open the shortcut menu for the active window
ALT+TAB Switch between the open items
ALT+ESC Cycle through items in the order that they had been opened

Keyboard ShortcutResult in Windows ® XP - General

F1 key Gives help on the active window or selected item.
F2 key Rename the selected item
F3 key Search for a file or a folder
F4 key Display the Address bar list in My Computer or Windows Explorer
F5 key Update the active window
F6 key Cycle through the screen elements in a window or on the desktop
F10 key Activate the menu bar in the active program

Keyboard ShortcutResult in Windows ® XP - General

Windows Logo Display or hide the Start menu
Windows Logo+BREAK Display the System Properties dialog box
Windows Logo+D Display the desktop
Windows Logo+M Minimize all of the windows
Windows Logo+SHIFT+M Restore the minimized windows
Windows Logo+E Open My Computer
Windows Logo+F Search for a file or a folder
CTRL+Windows Logo+F Search for computers
Windows Logo+F1 Display Windows Help
Windows Logo+ L Lock the keyboard
Windows Logo+R Open the Run dialog box
Windows Logo+U Open Utility Manager

Keyboard Shortcut Result in Windows ® XP-Dialogue Box

TAB Move forward through the options
SHIFT+TAB Move backward through the options
CTRL+TAB Move forward through the tabs
CTRL+SHIFT+TAB Move backward through the tabs
ALT+Underlined letter Perform the corresponding command or select the corresponding option ENTER Perform the command for the active option or button
SPACEBAR Select or clear the check box if the active option is a check box
F1 key Display Help
F4 key Display the items in the active list
Arrow keys Select a button if the active option is a group of option buttons
BACKSPACE Open a folder one level up if a folder is selected in the Save As or Open dialog box

Keyboard ShortcutResult in Windows ® XP - Windows Explorer

END Display the bottom of the active window
HOME Display the top of the active window
NUM LOCK+Asterisk sign (*) Display all of the subfolders that are under the selected folder
NUM LOCK+Plus sign (+) Display the contents of the selected folder
NUM LOCK+Minus sign (-)Collapse the selected folder
LEFT ARROW Collapse the current selection if it is expanded, or select the parent folder
RIGHT ARROW Display the current selection if it is collapsed, or select the first subfolder

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

This is very funny. Had it on my deleted blog before and got some comments so i feel the need to post it up here again. Two most important things in a man's life. Its very obvious even at a very young age. hahahahahha...go Posted by Hello

How about this one?

Scam or True?

You really CAN get paid to eat and shop, with ShadowShopper!
Mystery shopping used to be one of the best-kept secrets of "in the know" work-from-homers, students, or people looking for fun in their spare time.
That's because it used to be you had to literally know someone on the inside, to even find a mystery shopping job.
Now that's all changed, thanks to ShadowShopper. We take the mystery out of finding the very best mystery shopping jobs in your area. EVEN BETTER, we deliver these jobs right to your email inbox. What kind of jobs are we talking about? Imagine getting paid to fill up your gas tank (even SUVs!)... to shop for groceries... go bowling... rent videos... order pizza... have a nice meal out... get your carpets cleaned... shop for clothes... get a spa massage, pedicure and manicure... take your family to a theme park (Six Flags, Disney, and more!)... and even be pampered like royalty on a luxury cruise for two, FREE OF CHARGE!All of these jobs, and thousands more, are waiting for you today, at ShadowShopper. Come join thousands of others who couldn't believe it, until they tried it.

You really CAN get paid to eat and shop, with ShadowShopper!*** ShadowShopper was voted in both 2003 and 2004 as the Mystery ShoppingReferral Service of the Year, by the National Center for Professional Mystery Shoppers and Merchandisers.

Monday, June 27, 2005

No joke:)

Esther here
post this up and i like it. i think its true in many ways. what you think?

10 Reasons To Love Palestine
by Goffaq Yussef

Golly gee, I am SOOOO proud to be Palestinian Arab from the West
Bank. Let me tell you the reasons why I have such warm, fuzzy
feelings about my people and culture:

1. There is no such thing as Mothers Day. No worry about cards,
gifts, and expensive meals. There is no honor in being a woman in
our culture, so there is no reason to devote a day to her. We do,
however, get to enjoy watching our fathers beat our mothers
senseless for the slightest real or imagined infraction. Also, if
Dad suspects that Mom spoke to a strange man in the street, he gets
to kill her to preserve the family honor!

2. Weapons. Every child, from the time he can grasp an object, is
trained to feel comfortable with a rifle or pistol in his hand. And
every Palestinian has a weapon: a gun, a rocket launcher, a pound of
C-4. What good are hands if they aren't used to kill?

3. Hate. Boy, we love to hate. Hate is the very basis and
foundation of our culture. From the time a child is old enough to
understand language, we teach him to hate. Hate Jews, hate the
West, hate his fellow man, and most of all, hate himself. We have
no love songs, we do not preach love, the word love does not appear
anywhere in our society. Hate is the fuel that runs our motors.

4. Death. The moment a Palestinian Arab child is born, his parents
begin to plan his death. How will he die? Will he be struck by an
Israeli bullet while being used as a human shield by Palestinian
gunmen? Will he get shot while throwing rocks at Jewish soldiers?
Will he be packed with explosives and sent to blow himself up,
killing others? Or will he merely be one of the many Palestinians
murdered by other Palestinians in the normal course of daily life in
the death-culture of the Palestinian Arabs? Who knows? That's part
of the thrill.

5. Unemployment. Palestinians used to have jobs, working in
Israel. But then, our leaders had a brilliant idea: suicide
bombings! For their own protection, Israel had to close its
borders, preventing Palestinians from going to their jobs, so they
could sit around unemployed and blame the Jews for it. What great
fun to be your own worst enemy!

6. Martyrdom. Who in their right mind wants to be a martyr? Among
normal people, a martyr complex is considered immature and
obnoxious, if not downright crazy. With us, it's the central
syndrome of our society! Hey, look at me, I'm gonna kill myself and
become admired! And then, when we do kill ourselves, instead of
being considered pathetic, we DO get admired! It's a whole complete
cycle of sickness! American kids collect baseball cards;
Palestinian kids collect martyr cards (really! no joke!).

7. A feeling of entitlement. When Israel came into being, we
declared war. We lost. We fought again. We lost. We fought
again. We lost. Israel had the right to kill us all (we sure would
kill all of them if we got the chance). Instead, they allow us to
live on land they conquered. But we can't leave that alone. We
have to claim entitlement to live on land that we lost in 6 wars.
Since when does the loser of a war get to claim the land he fought
over? They don't. But we do. Not only that, but we happily kill
our kids over it! Hey, what's more important -- a chunk of dirt, or
some worthless kid who isn't going to amount to anything anyway?

8. Uselessness. The Jews have won more Nobel Prizes than all other
ethnic groups combined. Their contributions to science, art,
literature and the humanities is far out of proportion to their
population. What have Palestinians produced? Nothing! Not a
thing. We don't do anything productive. We're too busy rioting and
killing and chanting and screaming and calling for everyone's death.
And we blame the Jews for it, as though the Jews stop us from being

9. Friends. The Palestinian people sure know how to pick 'em.
Saadam Hussein. The Taliban. Adolf Hitler. You name a psychopath,
and we embrace him. And look who our supporters are! The American
Nazi Party. The KKK. Just check their websites and see how they
stand in solidarity with us. When you support the Palestinian
"cause," you're in real good company. Bring your white sheet!

10. Freedom. The biggest laugh in the world is when people call us
"freedom fighters" or they say we're fighting for our freedom. Take
a look at all 22 Arab countries. Do you see any freedom there?
Well, that's what our country will be like if we ever get one. It
will be a dictatorship run by armed, masked thugs who will kill
anyone who dissents. Just like we are now. Freedom???? LOLOLOLOL
The word doesn't even exist in our language. Hey, just like George
Orwell said: "Freedom is slavery. Long live big brother!"

Remember: Israel is bad! LOLOL -- It's existence keeps reminding us
what a bunch of losers we are.

posted by Esther @ 8:54 AM

Sunday, June 26, 2005


"Confine yourself to observing and you always miss the point of your own life.
The object can be stated this way: Live the best life you can. Life is a game
whose rules you learn if you leap into it and play it to the hilt. Otherwise,
you are caught off balance, continually surprised by the shifting play.
Non-players often whine and complain that luck always passes them by. They
refuse to see that they can create some of their own luck." said by a forgotten author

Heres something from a blog that amazes me.

Joe and Dee's Blog(NOTE: Their blog is VERY explicit so if sexual contents offend you , you might not wanna go there.) here writes the following as part of a very long post. you can read the rest of it there if you like. But i think its amazing how people can reach a point in their lives where they feel totally weird and believe things that are totally wrong. I will never believe that sharing your wife is right. You might reach a point in your relationship that the sex is not as good but looking at other ways such as sharing her with other man or woman is not an option and i cant believe there are people who thinks its the way to go.

"Marriage vows are made, each to the other, by the parties to the union in the presence of heaven, but not to heaven itself. For the record, I do hold wedding vows to be sacred - holy in their own right insofar as they are meant with utter sincerity to bind two individual lives into one mind and one heart. The day to day living of life will be done from that day forward as if husband and wife were one being. As the importance of any issue they face increases, so the distinction of individuality between the marriage partners becomes increasingly tenuous and nebulous. In professing wedding vows, in essence, each party promises to be half of a new entity. This is the heart and soul of marriage as I understood it all of my life; it is how I intended my own marriage to be from the very day on which I asked Dee to be my wife.

When Dee makes love with a man other than myself (or I to another woman) there is no breaking of vows between us because each has the other's full assent to extend what are considered the usual sexual rights within a marriage to others. Walking among us are many wonderful persons who are former nuns and priests who made vows to God Himself and then "took them back" when it became evident that the ordained or consecrated life wasn't for them. Nobody except perhaps the most self righteous Catholic passes judgment on them, not even the Church itself. If vows such as those can be forfeited permanently without incurring sin, then marriage vows may be suspended in part by mutual consent. Therefore, my claim that extramarital sex for us has a positive, spiritual, holy element cannot be dismissed with a charge of its being adulterous because Dee and I are not breaking our vows to each other, we are merely suspending the usual sexual exclusivity that we enjoy to include others."

Saturday, June 25, 2005


Today i was thinking of what to post up here but couldn't find anything? My mind is flying everywhere. Have anyone ever have days where you know there are a lot to do but you cant get around to do anything? i am procrastinating!

Oh i know im wasting alot of time doing nothing important. hmm i really like to pass this stage in my life cuz damn i cant do anything. is it stress? i know i have to move yet its very difficult. help? its like breathing under a thick blanket.

Thursday, June 23, 2005


Ok, this post is for you kathi. Today(Thursday, June 23, 2005)we finally meet and wow was so nice. The best ever. i had so great time with you baby today and was sad to leave. Wow, and that hot body of yours i couldnt resist. You know what happened and i have to post this to tell how amazing it was. thanks so much for the good time and i look forward to it again and again. sorry no details!:)All my love to you kathi. keep taking good care of you to stay pretty for me;) i'll be happy all my life, now that i have you sweetheart.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Ok, have anyone out there bought and used the new anti-age drug(protandim) yet? If you have, tell us your experiences here please. We all wanna know the result.

Also if you know any sites that talk about the negative and positive sides of protadim plz write down the links here.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

who said cutechickcantdrive?

Danica Patrick indyracedriver. check out her site here

Saturday, June 18, 2005

My car. Posted by Hello

Friday, June 17, 2005

Compare and Contract POPE To Darth Sidious. Coincidence? I think not:) Posted by Hello
Compare and Contract This to the POPE Posted by Hello
I remember this picture(sex toy experiment) i had it on my last lost blog and got some comments so here i post it again. Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Ok my other picture of fat chicks had its link taken away as you can see so here some new chicks for your view lol. wow i'm guessing these two are no longer alive. Take a look at those hot legs lol. That pick-up truck must be begging for mercy hehe. This is what mcdonald and pizza hut and burger king have done to us. You know your time is closer when you have problem this big. It could be physical like you see here or it could be invisible.Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

This was during the time when razors were banned lol Posted by Hello

Ok these ones are just scary;)

what you think? i found this picture here

i disagree too that the girl in the picture here is hot:) what you think? Posted by Hello

i found this picture
Damn this one scare the fuck out of me. Posted by Hello
Today i was having a little headache and my body was out of focus. i was feeling tired and wanna go to sleep in the middle of work time. But i nothing is wrong with me really. im just being myself. this is me: at night i cant sleep and at day time i cant sleep but feeling very tired and just wanna lay around doing nothing. i take some sleeping pills and then i can sleep like a rock but i know its not good for me to keep taking the pills. i feel depressed most of the time and i dont like talking to people a lot especially when i dont like them i feel like i wanna do something bad to them. ok enough about me i found this on someone blogs and i think sometimes i feel much like this"